3 reasons to choose the WhatsApp service integration from charles [Zendesk, Gorgias, Freshdesk]

3 reasons to choose the WhatsApp service integration from charles [Zendesk, Gorgias, Freshdesk] blog

By Maxine Hess

Writer | WhatsApp marketer | Creative

charles now offers WhatsApp integrations for Zendesk, Gorgias and Freshdesk. "So?" you may think, "I'll just use my service software's own WhatsApp integration 😎" Here's why to think again 😳


It's no secret that WhatsApp is an excellent channel for customer service


With over 2.7 billion loyal users worldwide, it's an app that people love to use, and since the arrival of WhatsApp Business in 2018, they appreciate being able using it to chat with brands.



Venezianico 4-1Our customers Venezianico and Dermalogica use WhatsApp customer service with great success

(using charles Conversations as their WhatsApp "inbox")



And brands that use WhatsApp as a service and support channel are seeing great business benefits – with the instant ability to get closer than ever to customers and enjoy the revenue and retention that brings.


All good in theory, but: 


What if you already have a service platform and don't want a new one?

There's no need for a new platform.


The best way to start with WhatsApp customer service is to integrate WhatsApp into the service platforms you already use.


WhatsApp service offers great benefits, but brands are seeing that the real profitability lies with WhatsApp marketing, something charles is a leader in

This makes your data go further, improves the customer experience and eases the lives of your customer agents (who won't have to switch between tools).


The good news is that: charles has just launched new service integrations with Zendesk, Gorgias and Freshdesk.




Why not use the basic Zendesk, Gorgias or Freshdesk WhatsApp integration?

This is a question we often hear. 


It's tempting to just switch on your WhatsApp integration right there in Zendesk, Gorgias or Freshdesk. 




While these tools are quick and useful, charles could set your business up for far greater success in WhatsApp – in terms of revenue, time and customer retention.


In this article we look at why, even if you have a basic in your service software, you should choose charles' WhatsApp service integrations for Zendesk, Gorgias and Freshdesk.



Service integrations X charles

From flow to phone... how your service messages look in our WhatsApp automation tool, Journeys and how they translate to reality 



TL;DR: profitability, expertise, GDPR

Reasons to choose charles over the basic WhatsApp integration in your Zendesk, Freshdesk or Gorgias platform:

  1. charles is a safe gateway to the most profitable use case: WhatsApp marketing
  2. charles has the knowledge you need to succeed, with a dedicated, passionate success manager, ongoing advice, optimization tips, proactive WhatsApp creative ideas and more (in a world in which solid WhatsApp marketing expertise is hard to find)
  3. charles will help keep you GDPR compliant in WhatsApp – with expertise and software features


Plus, a little on our credentials: charles ensures only the best of WhatsApp experience for your customers: as a leader in WhatsApp for businesses, an Official Meta Partner and certified ISO 27001 business.


OMR WhatsApp marketing badge charles

OMR conversational marketing badge charles

GDPR compliant badge

ConversationalMarketing_HighPerformer_Europe_G2ISO_CertificationMeta Business Partner logo with infinity symbol.







1. Choose a powerful entry into WhatsApp marketing 

A huge benefit of choosing charles and our WhatsApp service integration is that you open the door to our WhatsApp marketing capabilities.


Our platform was designed to help large companies make the most of the marketing use case of WhatsApp. Why?


Because while WhatsApp service offers great benefits, the real profitability comes with WhatsApp marketing.



Enterprise WhatsApp marketing blueprint banner, simple landscape

Download our free guide to WhatsApp marketing for enterprise brands, with real examples and best practice advice to get started efficiently and profitably



When you integrate with the charles platform, you also open up access to powerful features like:

  • Journeys: our landmark WhatsApp automation feature. Set up campaigns and service chats that run in the background for you. They work a bit like a WhatsApp chatbot, but you write the messages yourself, so you can maintain your brand tonality and your personal touch.
  • Campaigns: send targeted marketing campaigns to specific audiences. Link to your website, send prefilled carts and combine with Journeys to make them fully automated. 
  • Chatouts: send prefilled carts to customers so they can buy in as little as one click, straight from a WhatsApp message (if they're logged in).


2. Choose to benefit from charles' WhatsApp expertise

Success in WhatsApp is not only about the software you use. It's about the learnings, the testing, the knowledge of other brand successes.


At charles, we're known for our excellent support through our experienced Success team. We also readily share expertise through our own customers.


With 5 years' experience working with brands like ABOUT YOU and Dermalogica, we have plenty to offer you about how to succeed on your WhatsApp Business journey.



A recent webinar we hosted: Always on: 5 ways to generate ongoing revenue with WhatsApp automation



3. Choose to ensure GDPR compliance in WhatsApp 

At charles, we're based in Europe, where the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the law. We're happy about this, as we also believe customer data should be properly protected.


It means we've built our platform with GDPR compliance in mind, with features like:

  • Ability to delete single records
  • Error message before publishing a Whatsapp flow if your opt-in flow doesn't ask for the right permissions (double opt-in)


GDPR data callup feature, charles

Easy record deletion is just 1 way we help customers stay GDPR compliant in WhatsApp



And we advise our customers on how to remain GDPR compliant in WhatsApp, with the help of our in-house legal expert.



Flow chart of a website opt-in welcome message sequence in Charles marketing automation platform, with conditional steps - Whatsapp Marketing

A "double opt-in" helps you stay GDPR compliant in WhatsApp – so after someone chooses to enter your WhatsApp chat, you need to ask them for permission to send WhatsApp messages a second time (as shown in charles WhatsApp automation feature, Journeys)



typie-the-authorSee more on GDPR and WhatsApp here


What WhatsApp service features does charles offer?

We offer a range of rich features to smooth your customer service and support with WhastApp, including:


1. Create service desk tickets via charles

Whether Zendesk, Gorgias or Freshdesk, you can use WhatsApp to get details (like order number) before opening a ticket in your preferred service desk.

Create Zendesk tickets

2. Answer WhatsApp enquiries directly in your service desk

Chat with customers in WhatsApp through Zendesk, Gorgias or Freshdesk – so you don’t need to switch platforms and keep all your conversations in one place.


Automated customer support



3. Respond after WhatsApp closes the conversation

Use templates to chat to customers after WhatsApp’s 24-hour conversation window or even convert to a marketing lead.

Send updates


4. Attach images, videos and PDFs

Send and receive rich media attachments to help you understand your customer’s issue and resolve it faster.

Automated responses



Which service software does charles integrate WhatsApp with?

Right now (April 2024), we offer our WhatsApp integration for users of Zendesk, Gorgias and Freshdesk. See more about our WhatsApp service integrations


Zendesk X charles integration

Gorgias X charles integration

freshdesk X charles Integration






Don't use Zendesk, Gorgias or Freshdesk?

You can also integrate other service desks with charles using a tool like Zapier (which connects over 6,000 apps to other platforms). Or we can offer you a custom integration.


Not sure how this works or want to know more? Just talk to us.






Disclaimer: the information in this article is based on our experience and expertise and is not offered as legal or data privacy advice. For full information on your legal obligations under GDPR, please go to the European Commission's official GDPR site.


Note: the GDPR logo above stands for our commitment to provide a product that can be used in line with GDPR (e.g. with built-in privacy features, data hosting in the EU). It does not stand for any specific GDPR certification.