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How Emarsys and WhatsApp boost your CRM revenue


Complement your cross-channel marketing campaigns with WhatsApp to engage, convert, and delight customers in a whole new way 💛


In the midst of a competitive market and rising customer acquisition costs, the future of CRM is uncertain. Brands like Lampenwelt and Kapten & Son are staying one step ahead by boosting their CRM strategy with WhatsApp. Our Emarsys integration allows users to get more up close and personal with their audience, achieve higher engagement rates and stay profitable even off-peak via WhatsApp.


Join Umal Nasir, Head of Marketing, and Jakob Wolff Martínez, Group Product Manager at charles, as they show you how you can seamlessly combine email and WhatsApp for a more powerful CRM mix.


So go ahead and grab your spot for the webinar 👉 and bring all your burning questions for an interactive session.


This webinar is for CRM managers/leads, email marketing leads, CMOs and digital marketing professionals who want to start integrating WhatsApp within their CRM mix.

Learn how to:


Generate CRM revenue year-round in an automated way


Get more from data you already have by building WhatsApp campaign audiences


Grow customer loyalty with WhatsApp personalization


Celebrate birthday campaigns the Kapten & Son way 


Get deep in advanced segmentation like Lampenwelt 


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Umal Nasir

Head of Marketing






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Jakob Wolff Martínez

Group Product Manager





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